Eibach Volkswagen POLO TDI
Lowering Springs

Eibach Volkswagen POLO TDI

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Volkswagen POLO TDI Eibach Pro-Kit Springs

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Volkswagen TDI - Front Drop - 25mm | Rear Drop - 25mm

Pro-Kit Lowering Coil Springs by Eibach®. These performance-oriented replacement spring sets offer a lower-than-stock ride height that maintains ride comfort during normal driving while eliminating body roll, dive, and squat to create a more enjoyable level of aggressive driving. 
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  • Designed for the enthusiast who prefers a civilized boost of their vehicle’s street handling abilities with the looks of a lower ride height
  • When installed, your vehicle’s ride height will be lowered
  • Springs are progressive to maintain ride comfort during normal driving
  • No wheel alignment needed after installation
  • This “Pro” series signifies a moderate level of drop vs. “Sport” series kits that feature a more extreme level of drop
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States and now available in INDIA more details on - https://www.motorheader.com/collections/all-springs

Dropping the ride height lowers your vehicle’s center of gravity – reducing body roll and any tendencies to lean over. Then, the progressive rate of these Eibach front springs goes to work. Unlike original equipment and some low-height springs on the market, these feature a spring rate that varies as needs demand.

The top of the coil is softer for more give under everyday operation when things are not pushed hard. But just as the vehicle starts to lean when more demanding conditions arise, a stiffer and stiffer rate kicks in as the springs compress. The result is less body roll for more stable handling, faster cornering speeds, and reduced nose dive that can shorten your stopping distance.

All with an uncompromised, premium ride.
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